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Business Builder Networking Group

Connect. Build. Grow. Your business and your network by joining a Business Builder Networking Group!

Business Builder Netowkring Groups (BBNG): Eligibility and Guidelines


To meet regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) to help member businesses flourish through:

  1. The exchange of referrals leading to closed business for the benefit of members.
  2. Developing strong relationships and trust with business professionals.
  3. Active participation in BBNG group meetings.


  1. Preferred, but not required, to be a member of the Jackson County Chamber. Dues to the Chamber, if applicable, will no more than 30 days past due and must be current on any BBNG dues.
  2. All potential new BBNG members must be processed by the Jackson County Chamber staff liaison.
  3. Members must attend 90% of meetings held during the quarter. (One absence per quarter whether the group meets weekly or bi-weekly).
  4. A potential member may visit each group twice for possible BBNG membership.
  5. If eligibility requirements are not met during a quarter, member will be placed on probation for the following quarter or removed from the group. This is done based on the discrtion of the Jackson County Chamber staff and the BBNG Chair/Co-chair.

Referrals, not leads

A referral is:

  • Someone who needs your product or service and was recommended to you by their friend or family member.
  • A personal recommendation from someone they already trust.

Other Requirements

  1. Only one business may be promoted per Jackson County Chamber membership and per BBNG  membership. If the member is involved in more than one business, an additional BBNG membership will need to be established.
  2. Eligibility for vacancies in specific industries will be filled from the master list of individuals interested in BBNG membership maintained at the Jacskon County Chamber offices. Such a list is maintained on a first-come, first-served basis.

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