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SPARK Jackson County is an initiative, led by the Jackson County Chamber, designed to provide a supportive ecosystem for local entrepreneurs, startup businesses and remote workers.

Forbes recently designated Indiana as the top state for launching a business. Our goal is to make Jackson County the #1 county in rural Indiana to start a business! 


Business Model 

SPARK Jackson County will cultivate a thriving cycle in which every stakeholder contributes to and gains from the established collaborative community. For example, while entrepreneurs provide the risk to the ecosystem, big thinkers bring innovation, and these together lead to new businesses. Where new ideas meet funding from local businesses, both will combine to create new jobs. Overall this model will serve as the spark for launching new businesses and enhancing the quality of life.

SPARK Business Model Graphic


SPARK Jackson County is developing programs to facilitate a connection between entrepreneurs, innovators, remote workers, and local business. The following are program ideas that will help jump start new businesses in Jackson County.


  • SPARK Tank - a $15,000 pitch competition to reward and empower big thinkers of Jackson County

  • SPARK Fund - a $400,000 fund to invest in Jackson County start-up companies

  • SPARK Challenge - a series of industry specific challenges as a competition to deliver innovation to local industry

  • SPARK Amigos - a Latino focused program to support Latino entrepreneurs with resources and processes to start a legal business

  • SPARK Concierge - a personalized service connecting relevant resources available to entrepreneurs such as coaches from Indiana Small Business Development Center

  • SPARK Club - a club of established local entrepreneurs who share ideas and feedback around working on startups

  • SPARK School - a student program to demonstrate how to operate a business through hard work (Leverage Maverick students & model from Sweaty Startups)

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